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What is Max Income Living Annuity?

Approaching retirement and not sure what to do? Often people think it's too late to save some more money for the rest of their life but that's not true. When you invest in the Max Income Living Annuity, you can choose how much your pension payments will be as a percentage of the total amount you invest.
How does Max Income Living Annuity work?

This living annuity allows you to choose where your retirement savings are invested. You can also select the drawdown rate - the annual percentage of your investment amount that will be paid to you as a regular income. Carefully consider the drawdown rate because if it is too high, the invested capital could soon run out - leaving you without an income. The Old Mutual SuperFund Management Board will recommend a drawdown rate that it believes has a higher likelihood of being sustainable.

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What about pension increases?

You are able to increase the annual pension you receive once per year. The amount of this increase is up to you and is not built into the product. As with the initial pension decision, if you make the annual increases bigger than the growth of your investment, you could eventually deplete your investment capital and lose your pension.

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Why choose Old Mutual Max Income Living Annuity?You can choose how often you would like to receive your income in retirement – annually, biannually, quarterly or monthly.
Want to know more about Max Income Living Annuity?Old Mutual Max Income Investment Funded Income (Living Annuity) offers you an easy and cost-effective way to seamlessly go from saving for retirement to earning the income you need in retirement.
  • Investment management charges

    It depends on the investment portfolio selected. Speak to your financial adviser or Retirement Benefits Counsellor.

  • For advice on your options

    Contact either your personal financial adviser, your HR department for your employer fund intermediary details or your Old Mutual SuperFund Retirement Benefits Counsellor who will put one in touch with you.

    For free information and guidance

    Call your Old Mutual SuperFund Retirement Benefits Counsellor (RBC) or Old Mutual Member Support Services on 0860 388 873.

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