Old Mutual Alternative
Risk Transfer
Offering customised cell captive solutions.

What is Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART)?

OMART specialises in customising cell captive solutions for clients wanting to meet insurance and profit-share objectives. OMART offers actuarial and consulting services, flexible administration, regular financial and management reporting and the facilitation of investment management.
How we do business

Our approach begins with a clear understanding of our client's unique circumstances and long-term goals, and continues through a strong collaborative process to support them in realising those goals, through a range of innovative solutions. This approach has enabled our clients to offer everything from full employee benefit solutions to credit life and other risk and investment life insurance products.

We are committed to developing employee potential, supporting development in communities, minimising environmental impact and providing the highest levels of service at all times. OMART is registered as a long-term cell captive insurer.

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Solutions on offer

OMART will tailor a solution to meet your specific risk needs, taking into account your current and future business plans. The cell owner is able to partake in the underwriting profits of insurance, and enjoy the backing of the Old Mutual brand and range of capabilities.

A specific cell will be managed separately from the other cells so that the cell owner’s interests are protected at all times. Old Mutual in conjunction with the cell owner will set up a management board that will help make decisions around your cell’s business. Any profits that emerge will only be shared by the parties that have a shareholding in the cell. OMART also has the ability to white label insurance products.

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What we offer

We provide world-class risk financing facilities to large commercial, corporate, industrial and start-up businesses. Scroll across the tabs to see what's on offer.

Our Services
  • Actuarial services including product development, valuation of assets and liabilities and solvency assessment
  • Flexible administration options for premium collection, record keeping and claims handling
  • Regular Financial and Management reporting
  • Access to OMART assets to meet capital requirements
  • Facilitation of investment management and reinsurance arrangements
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Risks Covered
  • Group risk products: includes death, disability and critical illness products
  • Credit Life: Death, Disability, Critical Illness, Retrenchment
  • Funeral and other assistance products
  • Health insurance products: gap cover and hospital insurance
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  • We are a significant participant in South African Capital Markets
  • Competitive fees structures
  • Stringent collateral requirements
  • Customised structures to meet the insurance and profit sharing objectives of the client
  • A ring fenced cell that is managed separately from other cell owners interests at all times
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  • Access insurance expertise and management whilst retaining exposure to risks
  • Offer insurance products to cover the life risks of their customers or insure their own risks
  • Share in the underwriting profits of insurance
  • Structure profit share arrangements for joint ventures
  • Insure niche or uninsurable risks
Need to know more?

Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer has so much more to offer. Take a look at some of the questions and answers below to learn more. 

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    FSP 4946

    Betterlife Distribution Services (Pty) Ltd
    FSP 24015
    Contact number: 0860 555 540

    Different Life (Pty) Ltd
    FSP 45453

    Freedom Technologies (Pty) Ltd
    FSP 47458

    Marriott Asset Management (Pty) Ltd
    FSP 592

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    FSP 46535

    Shackeleton Life (Pty) Ltd
    FSP 44723

    Simply Financial Services (Pty) Ltd
    FSP 47146

    Yalu Financial Services (Pty) Ltd
    FSP 48495

    OMART is registered as a long-term cell captive insurer and, Old Mutual has a Level 2 BBBEE status, which highlights the group’s absolute commitment to transformation.

    Importantly, cell captives create opportunities for capacity development and skills transfer. This opens the doors for transformation in the insurance industry, giving black owned start-ups partnership opportunities and access to Old Mutual backed capabilities and expertise.

    This process, coupled with our clients’ innovation and growth potential allows our tailormade solutions to evolve with the partnership, resulting in a successful and profitable business.

    We provide a range of value added services including the facilitation of reinsurance, investment management, reporting and administration in exchange for a fee. These are core competencies of Old Mutual, and can be arranged to suit specific needs of any organisation.

    You can find a detailed explanation of how Cell Captive structures works in the Cell Captive Fact Sheet. You can also compare Cell Captive to Conventional and Profit Sharing insurance structures by viewing the Cell Captive Comparison Chart

    Physical Address
    6th floor, H block Mutualpark
    Old Mutual
    Jan Smuts Drive
    Postal Address
    P.O. Box 455
    Cape Town
    South Africa
    Switchboard contact details:
    +27 21 504 6423

    Email address: OMARTADM@oldmutual.com
    Contact number: +27 (021) 509-1064 and +27 (021) 504-6423

    Managing Director
    Elsa Beytell
    Tel: +27 21 504 6752
    Email: Elsa Beytell

    Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited, Registration no: 1997/008994/06. A licensed Financial Services Provider and Life Insurer. Mutual Park, Jan smuts drive, Pinelands 7405, south Africa. The information contained here is provided as general information and does not constitute advice or an offer by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited. Every effort has been made to ensure the provision of information regarding these financial products meets the statutory and regulatory requirements. However, should you become aware of any breach of such statutory and regulatory requirements, please address the matter in writing to -  The Compliance Officer: OMARTcompliance@oldmutual.com