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What is Remchannel?

Remchannel is a cutting-edge reward management platform giving employers the tools to create a defendable reward strategy. By participating in Remchannel’s surveys, employers gain extensive insight into remuneration and reward trends across industries. The platform also hosts advanced reward tools such as job profiling and job evaluation to easily create remuneration and employee benefit frameworks.
Remchannel offering

Remchannel provides businesses with this invaluable intelligence, including the following:

  • Extensive market-related remuneration, reward and employee benefits information.
  • Real-time data accessed via a live database that is constantly updated.
  • Flexible, 24/7 data mining capabilities that allow users to define remuneration across industries, markets, job positions and grades.
  • User-friendly, intuitive interfaces, including profiling and evaluation tools that allow for ease of data submission and retrieval.
  • The option of bespoke remuneration and reward consulting services by experienced remuneration experts.

Recent global events and crises have added to economic uncertainty and workplace and remuneration complexities. More than ever, employers need access to accurate and up-to-date information about the drivers, weightings, thresholds, targets and benchmarks of remuneration, incentive and benefit structures across their own, and other, industries.

Remchannel benefits
  • Reliable and accurate – thanks to approximately 1 million data points
  • Up-to-date data – with ongoing rigorous testing to ensure validity and integrity
  • Time-saving – Remchannel insights mean less time spent on research, and more time on effective strategy implementation
  • Value for money - one data submission per year gives you access to multiple surveys and extensive data
  • Empowering – enables your business to build informed, defendable remuneration strategies
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Remchannel services

Take a look at the various services on offer.

REMchannel® survey tool

With approximately 1 million data points and 20 000 executive data points, the tool gives you access to the most reliable source of data to suit your needs.

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An internet-based job evaluation system that lets you accurately measure the size of any position in your business.

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An internet-based job profiling system that enables job analysis and profiling to help you make informed choices when recruiting, developing and retaining talent.

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A range of services, from market benchmarking and pay scale development to benefits and rewards strategy design.

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Training and Workshops

Tailored training and workshop sessions created to meet your company’s unique remuneration, benefits and rewards design needs

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Keep up to date

Human Resources Quarterly is a quarterly journal published by REMchannel, providing informed commentary on local and international developments in the people and reward arena.

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Why RemchannelBy harnessing the power of Remchannel research, insights, tools and services, employers are equipped to:
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