Protektor Investments

As a member of the Protektor Preservation Fund your savings will be invested in Old Mutual’s market-leading Absolute Stable Growth Portfolio.

About the Absolute Stable Growth Portfolio

The Absolute Stable Growth Portfolio is a Smoothed Bonus Product. This means it is designed to grow your savings without exposing them to excessive risks or market volatility. This is achieved by investing your contributions into a diversified investment portfolio to generate returns. The returns earned are used to declare bonuses by which your retirement savings grow.

The fundamental objectives of a Smoothed Bonus Product are to protect your retirement savings against inflation risk and market risk.

Features & Benefits

  • Invests mainly in ‘growth’ assets to target high levels of long-term capital growth.
  • Smooths investment returns and reduces short-term volatility.
  • Calculates monthly, in-advance bonuses by means of a simple, transparent formula.
  • Pays out benefits at full value - i.e. all contributions made plus any growth achieved as a result of bonuses.

For more information, download the Absolute Stable Growth Fact Sheet.


Protektor Investment Choice Option has been closed to new members and does not allow switches from the Guaranteed Option into the Protektor Investment Choice Option, with effect form 31 July 2017.

  • New members are only invested in Old Mutual’ s market–leading Absolute Stable Growth Portfolio which is the Protektor Management Board’s selected investment portfolio.
  • Existing Protektor Investment Choice Option members are only allowed to switch portfolios into the Absolute Stable Growth Portfolio.

Fund Performance Data



Protektor Quarterly Investment Performance Report pdf
Protektor Monthly Performance Report pdf

The fund fact sheets provided are obtained from the respective fund managers and updates are dependent on the fund managers’ timeous supply of their fact sheets.

  • Monthly fund fact sheets are generally available by the 2nd week following the applicable month-end.
  • Quarterly fund fact sheets are generally available by the beginning of the second month following the quarter-end.
  • Investment Performance reports are generally available 4 weeks after month-end and will not contain any benchmark figures.
  • Quarterly Performance reports are generally available 6 weeks after quarter-end and will contain benchmark figures.