Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART) was established in 2003 and is a business unit within the Old Mutual Group.

OMART, who provide institutional clients with structured solutions, is a legal entity and is registered by the Registrar of Long-term insurance as a long-term insurer to conduct all classes of long-term insurance business. It has its own board of directors, who ensure appropriate corporate governance systems and processes are adhered to, to protect the interest of cell participants and various other stakeholders.

OMART specialises in customising solutions for clients wanting to meet insurance and profit-share objectives. These structured insurance solutions are provided through flexible cell captive arrangements that protect the cell owners interests at all times and ensures control over their life insurance activities.

Products and Services

In creating a structured insurance solution for each client, OMART offers the following services:

  • Actuarial services including product development, valuation of assets and liabilities and solvency assessment
  • Flexible administration options for premium collection, record keeping and claims handling
  • Regular Financial and Management reporting
  • Access to OMART assets to meet capital requirements
  • Facilitation of investment management and reinsurance arrangements

Financial strength

The financial strength of OMART is guaranteed by it being part of the Old Mutual Group and having the capital backing of Old Mutual South Africa.

Benefits of using OMART

  • We have a proven track record
  • Given our size, we are a significant participant in South African Capital Markets
  • Competitive Fees Structures
  • Stringent Collateral requirements
  • Customised structures to meet the insurance and profit sharing objectives of the client
  • A ring fenced cell that is managed separately from other cell owners interests at all times


OMART has experience in managing a variety of different arrangements and is currently responsible for cells covering predominantly employee benefits, credit life and funeral insurance.

Company details

Company Name:
Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited

Company Registration Number:

Company Address:
PO Box 455, Cape Town 8000, South Africa