Old Mutual Corporate Consultants

In order to deliver on its commitment to improve the retirement outcomes of all South Africans, Old Mutual recognises that it has to go beyond merely providing leading retirement products. These Old Mutual products need to also be supported by appropriate advice, education and communication - not just for the members themselves, but also for employers, trustees and all stakeholders in the country’s retirement industry.

Old Mutual Corporate Consultants was established to offer this level of unbiased, comprehensive advice to Old Mutual’s diverse range of corporate clients and members.

Batseta Imbasa Yegolide Awards

Investment Asset Solutions Consultants of the Year

Old Mutual Corporate Consultants has been nominated and awarded the Investment Asset Solutions Consultants of the Year at the Batseta Imbasa Yegolide Awards.

Partnering with employers and funds for the benefit of members

The Old Mutual Corporate Consultants offering is based on our recognition that employers and trustees who are armed with the right knowledge and insights, are best equipped to partner with their employees and fund members to help them create the futures they deserve.

To achieve this, Old Mutual Corporate Consultants has engineered a full suite of client- and fund-focused, but member-centric, consulting services that deliver a host of compelling benefits.

  • Trustees and Management Boards enjoy the confidence that they are equipped and enabled to confidently fulfill their fiduciary duties
  • Members have the security that they are exposed to optimal investment strategies designed to meet their unique retirement saving needs.
  • Employers know they are dealing with senior, highly experienced consultants backed by the extensive infrastructure, financial strength, capabilities and reputation of one of SA’s most respected financial services brands.

The Old Mutual Corporate Consultants offering

Old Mutual Corporate Consultants’ advice philosophy is built on the cornerstones of extensive industry experience, solid business insights, and a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of retirement fund members - all of which is underpinned by ongoing research, international best practice and appropriate member education and assistance. The result is a comprehensive suite of professional consulting services that includes the following:

For more information please download the Professional Consultancy Services fact sheet.

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