How to build trust with employeesRemote working has put the spotlight squarely on trust in the workplace. Leaders have to trust their teams and employees have to trust their leaders. How do you create that? We asked transformation coach Thato Belang.ARTICLE BY The Mindspace team - 20 APRIL 2021 - LISTEN TIME: 40 MIN

Managing remote teams requires huge amounts of trust on both sides – leaders have to be able to count on their teams to do the work and to do it well, and employees have to be able to trust leaders to create a safe space for them to perform at their best.

Creating such a relationship, requires a conscious effort by managers and CEOs. We asked transformation coach Thato Belang exactly why this is so important and how to go about building a trust relationship with your employees.

If you enjoyed this podcast, click through to read Thato’s article in which she further unpacks the role of trust in business performance in MiNDSPACE magazine.

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