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Episode 1: SME Funding & Financing

What’s the right way to apply for funding? We asked an entrepreneur what he’d learnt from his struggle to secure investors and an expert for advice on how to finance your business.

Join Zamokuhle Thwala, award-winning founder of AgriKool, and Tafadzwa Madavo, CEO of Riversands Incubation Hub, as they discuss the right time to apply for funding, the right amount of financing to apply for and what funders consider before deciding to invest in a small business. Plus, they give 5 tips to help you get your next funding application right.

Episode 2: Basic Business Principles

Whether you’re a one-man operation or employ a few hundred people, there are certain things you should keep a close eye on. Yes, one is your income, but the other is what is costing you money. It’s not just the bills you have to pay.

Find out what the founders of Why Cook have learnt during the seven years they’ve been in business:

  • Yolanda Dlamini and Thapi Montsho of Why Cook
  • Jikku Joseph, MD: 22seven
Episode 3: Incidents & accidents

Even when you have the best business plan, things still don’t always go according to plan.

Vicky Denise Chili of eKasi Bioscope in Umlazi is a social entrepreneur whose business was impacted not only by Covid-19 but also by loadshedding and protest action.

Here, she gets insider insurance tips from Christelle Colman of Elite Risk Acceptances.

  • Vicky Denise Chili, founder of eKasi Bioscope
  • Christelle Colman, MD: Elite Risk Acceptances
Episode 4: E-commerce & infrastructure

Lockdown forced many businesses to expand into e-commerce. But it’s not as simple as building a website – there are a number of factors you need to understand before setting up a successful online shop.

For Candy Androliakos, owner of Leafline, it meant striking a balance between targeting the right audience and building an online community. Watch as she talks to Fred Roed, CEO of Heavy Chef.

  • Candy Androliakos, owner of Leafline
  • Fred Roed, CEO Heavy Chef
Episode 5: Partners & investors

There’s an African proverb that says: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’

When it comes to finding a partner or investor for your business, there are a number of factors to consider. Join Thobekile Mkhize of Mabotho Designs and John Dludlu, CEO of the Small Business Institute, as they discuss the importance of finding and partnering with the right person for your business.

  • Thobekile Mkhize, owner of Mabotho Designs
  • John Dludlu, CEO of the Small Business Institute
Episode 6: Business & financials

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the financial aspects of running a business – either they don’t have the know-how or necessary skills.

Entrepreneur Tiang Moabelo and expert Claire Kolbé share some valuable insights about staying on top of the financial side of business, no matter where you are on your journey.

  • Tiang Moabelo, founder of LoadALot
  • Claire Kolbe, director at Recro Business Services
Episode 7: Friends & family

Just because your business partner is your best friend, husband or daughter, doesn’t mean the relationship can be built entirely on trust. Some things have to be formalised in black and white to protect your personal relationship when one wants to leave.

Having been in business with her husband for over a decade, Nobesuthu Ndlovu, owner of local fashion label Burgundy Fly, and Alex Fraser of Viridian talk about making business with friends and family work.

  • Alex Fraser, business director of Viridian
  • Nobesutho Ndlovu, owner of Burgundy Fly
Episode 8: Roles & responsibilities

How do you decide who does what in your small business? The answer lies in clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Join entrepreneur Sipamandla Manqele, founder of Local Village Foods, and expert Aurelia Albert, CEO of Innovate Durban, as they unpack what roles are best kept in-house and which responsibilities you should outsource.

  • Sipamandla Manqele, founder of Local Village Foods
  • Aurelia Albert, CEO of Innovate Durban
Episode 9: Hard & soft skills

The numbers are compelling: research shows that companies can increase their return on investment by up to 256% by improving soft skills training in their businesses.

The last episode of this series of Nine Yards TV focuses on practical ways in which business founders can improve their soft skills.

  • Dr Obakeng Mfikwe, executive director of KMF Farm Holdings
  • Bryan Hattingh, CEO of Cycan

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