Does a higher income guarantee a better retirement?Earning R80 000 a month or more would set you on the path to a better retirement, right? Find out why it's not always the case.Article by Charles Thompson - 11 June 2020 - Watch Time: 4 min
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It may be easy to assume that someone earning R80 000 a month is set for a much better retirement than someone earning only R10 000 or R20 000. But that's not necessarily the case. Watch here as Old Mutual Corporate Consultants' Andrew Davison and Malusi Ndlovu explain why.

The above is an extract is part of a broader presentation on the topic of retirement savings and pension funds presented in the first quarter of the year during the Old Mutual Corporate SuperFund Summit.

Watch the rest of the presentation
, which includes a separate talk by the MD of Old Mutual Corporate Prabashini Moodley.

Charles Thompson
Deputy editor: Digital and print, John Brown South Africa.

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