How do you plan ahead in a pandemic?With the world in flux like never before, should you even plan ahead? And how far ahead?Article by The MiNDSPACE team - 24 April 2020 - Read Time: 1 min
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Andy Hadfield, CEO of Forgood, answers:

‘The important thing to remember that this crisis is not going away any time soon. Whether it’s the immediate healthcare crisis or the broader economic fallout, we’re in this for at least a year or more. So long-term planning is vital; but so too is your immediate reaction.

‘Initially, our team at Forgood was planning in two- to four-week bursts. As the lockdown has extended and the crisis continue, we’ve changed to planning one week at a time. You have to. The situation is changing almost constantly.

‘Long-term planning is vital; but so too is your immediate reaction.’

‘Short-term planning allows you to react to the changing circumstances. And remember, your clients will also react differently as time goes by. On the first day of the lockdown Forgood lost a ton of business as our bigger clients cancelled all their activities. As hard as this situation is for small, agile SMEs, you can imagine how tough it must be for a big corporate with 80 000 employees to herd all those cats!

‘But once things settled, we saw that our bigger clients were reacting more strategically. That’s a lesson SMEs and NGOs can learn from them: things are changing on a daily basis, so you need to plan in one-week bursts, and iterate your plans every day.’

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