How to react to a depressed marketThe recent shock to markets are enough to make any investor jittery. So what should you do, or what shouldn't you?Article by Charles Thompson - 31 March 2020 - Watch Time: 3 min
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Recent shocks like the COVID-19 virus and Russia-Saudi Arabia oil war have caused great uncertainty in the world economy, not to mention the question marks raised by South African investors with the country's recent credit downgrade to junk status.

It’s enough to make any investor doubt their future in the market.

So what is the best way to invest your money when times are tough? What should you do, or perhaps more importantly, what shouldn’t you do?

MiNDSPACE asked Old Mutual Corporate Consultants’ investment specialist Collin Nefdt.

Charles Thompson
Deputy editor: Digital and print, John Brown South Africa

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