Intelligence Report: Manufacturers stay in the gameWant to invest in an SA start-up that makes maggot protein powder? Read about this and more in our latest report on manufacturing.ARTICLE BY THE MINDSPACE TEAM - 21 SEPTEMBER 2020 - READ TIME: 25 MIN
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Players in the manufacturing sector in South Africa continue the fight to remain relevant.

To address health-and-safety concerns in an increasingly contactless society, many manufacturers are rapidly adopting robotic solutions. Not only large corporations are making use of this technology; robotics can offer SMMEs scalable solutions, too.

In good news for the environment, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa joins a group of companies to sign the SA Plastics Pact, which aims to ensure that 100% of plastic packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable.

And a South African start-up called Susento (an acronym for sustainability through entomology and partially owned by Stellenbosch University) is set to produce high-quality protein powder from maggots by end-2020 for food products and sports drinks. A one-hectare insect farm can produce 7 500 times more high-quality protein than a soy farm of the same size. The outfit is currently seeking financial assistance to set up production facilities.

Read more about these developments, company financial results, tech innovations, and global news in the latest Intelligence Report for the manufacturing sector, compiled by Old Mutual Corporate.

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