Who's winning the AI race?Which countries are best place to take advantage of the rising tide of artificial intelligence across the globe? Find out here.Article by The MiNDSPACE team - 24 February 2020 - Read Time: 2 min
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Oxford Insights' Government AI Readiness Index seeks to answer the question: how well placed are national governments to take advantage of the benefits of AI in their operations and delivery of public services?

Broadly speaking, their scoring is based on governance; infrastructure and data; skills and education; and government and public services.

While South Africa ranks first in Africa on the 2019 index, it’s important to remember that AI and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are inextricably linked. So for a full picture of South Africa’s preparedness, this infographic should be read together with Old Mutual Corporate’s Intelligence Report, 4IR tops the agenda in the ICT sector, which highlights the challenges as well sa the opportunities facing the country’s ICT sector.

Download a pdf of our infographic on countries and their AI readiness.

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