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Discover our latest insights into the trends and
issues driving South Africa’s petrochemicals sector

The latest economic, environmental, technological and human capital trends fuelling South Africa’s petrochemicals industry. While the sector faces many challenges, it is also ripe with opportunity, with new subsectors, discoveries and technologies driving positive growth and change.

Infographic: Investing in a just energy transition

Register to access this infographic, detailing the data behind South Africa’s just transition to greener energy, including how we got here, where we’re going, and how energy companies, investors and asset managers are driving that change.

Green hydrogen: fuel of the future?

There’s a gold rush in the energy sector as green hydrogen stakes its claim as the cornerstone of South Africa’s just transition to cleaner fuels. Is it worth the hype?

Is gas the answer?

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy is pushing gas as a solution to South Africa’s continuing energy crisis. Does it have a case?

Energy & Petrochemicals Monitor Q1 2022

Download Old Mutual Corporate’s detailed round-up of the latest company news, industry trends and sociopolitical factors shaping the energy and petrochemicals industry.

Medical oxygen’s breath of fresh air

Africa’s first wave of Covid-19 highlighted a critical shortage of medical oxygen. Gas companies like Afrox have South Africa’s demand covered – and could soon tap into more (and greener) O₂.

How asset managers are driving energy’s greener future

High-carbon businesses and the asset managers who invest in them are caught between two worlds: a green future and a carbon-heavy present. How can investors encourage a just transition to cleaner energy?

Tech time bomb for petrochemicals

As global giants prepare to adopt disruptive technologies, South African petrochemical companies are stuck between meeting cleaner production standards and adopting technology that will keep them globally competitive.

Energy’s tough recruiting sell

What do you do when young people no longer want to work for you? It’s a problem that oil and gas companies must confront Gen Z turns its back on what it sees as their parents’ fuels.

What energy sector workers really want

More money? Sure. Less uncertainty? Yes, please. But even more so, the global oil, natural gas and chemicals workforce is looking for a future-ready environment. What does that mean for HR leaders in the petrochemicals space?

Do oil price rules still apply?

High oil prices have long been seen as a barrier to energy transition. In 2022, however, that’s not the case – and that has far-reaching implications for the sector.

Oil gains traction in the value chain

Changes in energy demands and market dynamics are forcing the oil industry to explore their options in relatively untapped areas of the petrochemical value chain.

The energy sector’s race to reskill

The petrochemical sector faces severe reskilling challenges. Is rapidly changing technology the cause, or could it be the solution to the problem?

Driving innovation and safety through digital twin technology

The energy sector is embracing digital twin tech as a major driver for wins in efficiency, optimisation, cost saving and innovation.

Battle lines drawn in petrochemicals talent war

As the petrochemical sector continues to weather industry storms, skilled professionals are starting to consider their career options.

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