corporate retirement funds superfund management board

SuperFund Management Board

The SuperFund and Protektor Trustees are responsible for the management of the Funds. They are appointed by Old Mutual and are obliged to manage the Funds in terms of the Rules of the Funds and in accordance with all legislation.

The Trustees have a fiduciary duty to:

  • Always act in the best interests of the Funds’ members.
  • Choose a range of suitable investment managers and investment options.
  • Impartially distribute death benefits to beneficiaries.
  • Communicate regularly to members.
  • Respond to disputes and prevent conflicts of interest.
  • Know and understand the Funds’ Rules and any laws that affect the Funds.

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Old Mutual SuperFund and Protektor is managed according to the highest standards of good governance. The Board of highly qualified and skilled Trustees makes sure that employers can focus on their core business while their employees can feel secure, knowing their money is in safe hands.

The Management Board of the Fund has also developed a Board Charter as recommended in the Code of Governance Principles for South Africa – 2009 (“King III”). This board charter is subject to the provisions of the Pensions Funds Act, the Rules and any other applicable law or regulatory provision. The purpose of this charter is to set out the Board’s role and responsibilities as well as the requirements for its composition and meeting procedures. A copy of the charter is available on request from the sponsor, Old Mutual Corporate.