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What are Old Mutual SuperFund Solutions At Retirement?

As a member, you’ve already taken important steps towards enjoying a financially comfortable retirement. Saving is only one half of any successful retirement journey. Equally important is making the right decision about where to invest your savings when you reach retirement. Old Mutual SuperFund Solutions At Retirement offers you two annuity options that have been endorsed by the Old Mutual SuperFund Management Board.
What's in it for you?

The Old Mutual SuperFund Solutions At Retirement range consists of two at-retirement investment solutions - Fund Select Annuity and Max Income Living Annuity. To make sure the range meets the needs of most members, each annuity works slightly differently - but both are designed to give you the reliable pension income you need. Watch the video below for an explanation of the difference between the Life and Living Annuities, or select the individual videos below.

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Key focus areasWe have identified focus areas when it comes to your needsFund Select Annuity

This life annuity pays the pensioner a guaranteed monthly income for the rest of their life. Depending on various factors, including how well the market performs, they may receive a yearly pension increase, which will then also be guaranteed for life and will never be taken away.

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Max Income Annuity

This living annuity allows the pensioner to choose which investment portfolio their retirement fund savings are invested into, and what percentage of their total invested amount will get paid to them as an income. Unlike Fund Select Annuity, there is no guarantee that this income in retirement will continue for the rest of their life.

Max income annuity
Not ready to retire

If you are an Old Mutual SuperFund member who will soon be retiring from your employer, but you are not ready to buy an annuity with your retirement fund savings just yet, the Old Mutual Deferred Retirement option may be right for you. It allows you to keep your retirement fund savings invested and growing in the fund after you leave your employer

Not ready to retire
To get a better understanding of a Living Annuity versus a Life Annuity.
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  • An annuity is a regular income you receive during your retirement years. The annuity is provided through products that then pay a regular income.

  • The Old Mutual SuperFund Management Board has endorsed two annuity options for Old Mutual SuperFund members. These are the Old Mutual Fund Select Annuity (which is a conventional annuity) and the Old Mutual Max Income Living Annuity. You may, of course, consult an adviser if you wish to select a different annuity to these.

  • The Old Mutual SuperFund Management Board (which was previously called the trustee board) has selected these two annuities as the preferred options that are suitable for the retirement income needs of most Old Mutual SuperFund members.

  • That will depend on your living costs, dependants, lifestyle preferences and the amount of money you have at retirement to buy an annuity. While Old Mutual’s Retirement Benefits Counsellors (RBC) can offer you guidance on your choices, you should also speak to a financial adviser if you want a complete needs analysis and detailed advice.

  • For the Old Mutual Max Income Living Annuity, the main risks are:

    • The assets that underpin the annuity are invested in investment funds that are exposed to market conditions and risks
    • If the pensioner withdraws an income that is higher than the investment growth can cover, the investment amount could run out before he or she passes away, leaving no further income for that pensioner For the Old Mutual Fund Select Annuity, the main risk is the pensioner has no control of the increased level for their income each year, so there may be years when the pension increase is low due to various reasons (most likely poor overall performance by investment markets).