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Is your business ready to support your staff with the Government’s vaccine rollout plan? Watch the live webinar hosted by Old Mutual Corporate in collaboration with Right to Care and CareWorks for guidance on how to do this.

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About this webinar

South Africa’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout programme is underway. This initiative is a vital component in the country’s ongoing efforts to protect its people through widespread immunity, support its businesses and safeguard its economy into the future. For every South African business, a well-informed, scientifically-based vaccine rollout strategy is a vital step towards informing and supporting employees through the rollout and avoiding any potential business disruptions.

This webinar has been created by Old Mutual Group Assurance to provide medically sound insights to help your business prepare for this vital initiative. A panel of leading medical and business experts will provide factual information about the rollout plan for South Africa and answer the questions that many business owners are asking about the programme and the implications it could have for organisations and their staff.

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