Death of a loved one

3 reasons to have a funeral plan
Life insurance and funeral plan are two insurance products we never like to think about, but when the worst happens ensure that you're prepared for your loved ones.
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Financial stress of losing a loved one
The passing of a loved one comes with a great deal of financial implications and emotional strain.
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How to deal with loss
Dealing with the death of a loved one can be exceptionally hard, and we'd like to assist you to navigate the grieving process.
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Will and testament listed
Creating a will to safeguard your estate
Drawing up a will without professional help is risky, especially with constant changes in legislation.
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Funeral cover and burial societies
Understanding the implications of taxation on your death or that of a loved one is an important aspect of safeguarding your estate.
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How to claim on funeral cover
Losing a loved one is never easy. Having to deal with all the paperwork afterward is not appealing.
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What happens to your debt after you die?
Ever wondered what happens to your debt when you die? It doesn't just disappear.
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