6 things your newborn baby does not need

Pram. Car seat. Baby bath. Cot. Clothes. Nappies. Getting ready for a new baby can be overwhelming with all the items you need to buy. Thankfully, there are some things you can definitely do without:

Tiny cot linen: Besides a fitted cot sheet, your baby will sleep in a swaddling blanket to start, and a simple blanket or sleepy sac when they are older. Pillows in a cot can also increase the risk of smothering, and they are not healthy for your baby’s neck. So, ditch the mini duvet, under-sheet and pillow until your child is in a toddler bed.

Baby shoes: While miniature-sized shoes may make you ooh and aah, the truth is that until your baby starts walking at around a year or more, they may not use these at all – they will simply be barefoot if it is warm, or in socks if it is cold.

Jeans, jackets, dresses and button-down shirts: Having a “special occasion” outfit can be great for birthday parties or photos. Generally though, you will change your newborn multiple times a day, whether it is because of a dirty nappy or vomit – so anything other than cotton onesies may prove impractical. They can also be harsh on your baby’s soft, sensitive skin.

Lots of blankets: While blankets are snuggly and very useful, if you have a baby during winter, you do not need more than 2 or 3. Somehow though, they are a baby shower favourite, so chances are you will land up with about 8.

Sleeping wedges: While a lift wedge to raise your baby’s head is useful if they are congested, side wedges are not necessary. Rather just use rolled up blankets or towels when your baby is very tiny if you want to keep them on their side.

Fancy nappy bins: While these are supposed to keep your baby room odour-free, the truth is that this is not always the case, and involves using more plastic in the form of bin liners. Rather walk the five extra steps to your kitchen bin or outside bin to throw nappies away.

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