Dealing with financial wedding stress

It's only when you start planning, that you realize that figuring out your budget can be a rather emotional experience. You will need to balance what you've always dreamed of, what your partner wants as well as that of your family and future in-laws expectations.

With the right guidance, getting through your wedding plans can avoid as much grief as possible and have more fun moments and less horrid ones:

Can you afford it?

It's the often misconception that if you've attended enough weddings, read wedding blogs and even helped plan a friend/family member’s wedding or two, you know a lot about weddings. But you actually don't. None of these wedding preps affect your pocket in any way. That's the reality of it. Since this is your big day, research, research, research. You'll start to get an idea of what your dream wedding costs and will quickly get a sense of just how expensive a wedding can be and also what you want and what you can afford.

Be realistic

Speak to your partner when planning your wedding. Be realistic and honest. The two of you need to be on the same page. Always remember, the wedding is about the two of you. No one else. The minute you start thinking like that, planning the dream wedding you both want, is easier than you think. Once you are realistic about what you both want, it is time to set the wheels in motion. When you speak to your vendors, be honest, considerate and polite. Talk to them about your budget. If your budget isn't equal to your ideas don't immediately head straight off in search of a cut-price look-alike. Vendors have years of experience so may have alternatives ideas which could achieve a similar result via a cheaper route.

Don't be shy to ask for a discount

Don't be shy to ask for a discount. Most wedding professionals are often small business owners and they charge what they do for a reason. If you explain your situation, they might offer you a discount or offer you ways on how to cut costs like having your wedding on a weekday instead of on a weekend. Another great option are DIY weddings; these are great but also not for every couple. If you don't have any sort of aptitude for arts and crafts, it might be better to scale back your wedding expectations instead of planning to do everything yourself.

With all that said and done, the best tip I have for you is, the day is about you and your partner; don't let frills spoil what is really important because you might just not enjoy your day.

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