Financial stress of losing a loved one

In my family, funerals are a huge celebration of someone’s life, from big tents, to extravagant tombstones and slaughtering a goat, just a day after the ceremony, to bid our final farewells. This involves inviting the whole community to come share in the festivities, therefore you can imagine the number of people that have to be catered for. We believe in the saying “strength in numbers”.

Now this comes with a great deal of financial implications and strain especially when a loved one does not have life cover or didn’t start saving early enough to cover the cost of their burial. The stress causes conflict in the family and can drive them apart. It also means that everyone in the family needs to start contributing to the costs, for instance renting the tent, preparation of the food for the unexpected number of people attending, transporting the body, the coffin, etc. Death is unpredictable, therefore as one of the family members that may have to contribute to the burial of a loved one, and you’re going to have to dip into your savings or re-think your budget as well as your plans for the future. Seems unfair right?

Situations like these can be avoided if we all start thinking about the future. Fact is our time on earth is borrowed time. My grandfather had clearly instructed his son that when he passes away, the family should slaughter a cow after the funeral. Considering the cost of livestock nowadays, cows can range between R7000 – R15 000 depending on where it is purchased as well as the size of the cow. If granddad didn’t have life cover or joined a burial society in the community, his son would not be able to fulfil his wishes.

As South Africans we pay our respects differently as we have a wide variety of cultures who perform different customs when it comes to burials. Funeral costs can differ. Why not be prepared for such a tragedy by getting a funeral cover, for a small premium per month? Act now, and get your own funeral cover in place. Your loved ones will be thankful you did.

Funeral costs include (not limited to):

  • Coffin: R8000 and above
  • Flowers: R433 - R3884
  • Tent, table and chairs: R1000 but dependent on the kind of material required as tents and chairs may vary.
  • Leaflets: R500 - R1500
  • Burial cost and transport hire (Quantum): R500 per car
  • Food and beverage: 16 855 - R20 000 excl. daily snacks for visitors
  • Tombstone ranges from R7000 and above.

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