How to claim on funeral cover

Losing a loved one is never easy. Having to deal with all the paperwork afterwards is not appealing especially when you or your family members are grieving. Knowing what to do when the time comes and having access to certain documents can make the process a little bit easier.

Step 1: Report the death

You need to report the death at the nearest Home Affairs office or at your preferred funeral parlour. According to the Department of Home Affairs' website the Notification of Death form needs to be completed by:

  • The person reporting the death.
  • A medical practitioner.
  • A Home Affairs official.

A Death Report is issued after the death is registered. Once Home Affairs has received the relevant forms they will issue a Death Certificate.

An abridged death certificate will be issued free of charge on the same day of registration of death.

Step 2: Gather the required documents

The following documents are compulsory when making a claim:

  • Certified copy of death certificate.
  • Copies of ID or passport for the deceased and beneficiary(ies) or a copy of the birth certificate if younger than 18.
  • Proof of banking details for the beneficiary(ies) or estate - i.e. a signed, dated and stamped statement from your bank that is not older than three months.

Step 3: Complete the forms

These include the Claims Form and Beneficiary Form in most instances however, there may be additional documents required for unnatural causes of death. Examples of unnatural causes include (but aren't limited to): deaths due to violence; suicide; accidents; infections (e.g. rabies, tetanus); local or general anaesthetic prior to a procedure or surgery; or due to an act of negligence.

Step 4: Submit forms and documentation to your service provider

Once you have all the necessary forms and documentation you need to submit the lot to your service provider. This can be done electronically (via email) or physically by delivering the documentation to the service provider.

How long does it take before you get the payout?

Payout times differ from service provider to service provider, product to product and the circumstances surrounding the death.

Most service providers will pay out within 48 hours of all the correct documentation having been submitted. Alternatively it could take between 15 to 60 days.

If you are an existing Old Mutual customer in need of assistance - please click here to go to our claims page.

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