How to deal with loss

Death, grief and mourning aren't comfortable subjects to talk about, so we often don't, which makes dealing with them even harder. Being equipped with the necessary tools will go a long way in helping to navigate through a difficult time. Here are some guidelines that will help when dealing with the death of a loved one:

1. Speak to a professional

During an emotionally overwhelming time, speaking to a professional can be beneficial. You may not feel like seeing a therapist or counsellor right away, but it might be worth considering. If your medical aid plan does not cover seeing a psychologist, you may want to investigate in other options, such as seeing a counsellor at Hospice, which could be a more affordable alternative.

2. Get help planning the funeral

Funeral cover is one convenient way to ensure funeral costs are covered. Many funeral plans also provide you with details for certain essential services, such as undertakers, who can assist with funeral arrangements. Don't be afraid to look to other family members for support during this time.

3. Take care of your own health

It's easy to neglect your health during this time. The severe stress of losing a loved one can understandably have a mental and physical impact. Ensure that you take precautions to build up your strength: try to eat regularly, supplement with vitamins if necessary, and get as much rest as possible.

4. Have a break from grieving

As strange as this may sound, taking a break from grieving can be a part of the grieving process. The process can be a draining one, so taking time to reconnect with a friend, watch a movie, or revisit a hobby, can be a healing step forward.

5. Maintain a routine

Death isn't something that works within a schedule. It more than likely disrupts life unexpectedly and throws any form of routine off course. But routines will help in returning a sense of normality, so it's important that a routine is re-established as soon as possible.

We understand that death, grief and mourning aren't comfortable subjects to talk about. Here are some guidelines to help you cope: speak to a professional, get help planning the funeral, take care of your own health, have a break from grieving and maintain a routine.

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