New radio show mixes drama and education

25 Apr 2018
It takes courage to tackle a topic that nearly everybody shies away from. When it is a serious one such as life and death, it calls for a special creative approach.

Cue in When Death Calls, a new and emotionally charged radio drama that will be aired from end-April to help South Africans prepare for the important task of paying their last respects to loved ones.

Old Mutual’s Marketing Executive Marcelle Arnold says, “Sociologists say that the structure of African cultures is that of a dialogue between the living and the dead. However, the reality is that we avoid the topic of death and that’s why many are simply unprepared ‘when death calls’.

“As a financial services provider, we feel it is our responsibility to speak to the nation about the benefits of making financial provision when honouring the death of our loved ones. To reach as many South Africans as possible, we have decided to use radio as the medium to create talk-ability with listeners resonating with our message.”

The drama will include six episodes and will be broadcast from 25 April 2018 to 31 May 2018 on Ligwalagwala FM, Lesedi FM, Motsweding FM, Umhlobo Wenene FM, Thobela FM and Ukhozi FM.

“The message will be played out in a series that will take the audience on a journey of how a family deals with the loss of a loved one. The subject of death will not depress the audience, but hopefully engage and enlighten listeners. Most importantly, it will also empower them with valuable knowledge.”

The storylines have been carefully crafted to intricately connect from one episode to another. The dramatic conflicts that the characters find themselves in will create plot twists that will make sure that listeners are hanging on for more!

The show follows everyday South Africans: Sophie, Raymond, Bra Joe, Primrose and Valencia, who are in the midst of planning a beautiful wedding. However, on the eve of saying their vows, they are thrown into chaos and devastation when the family matriarch, Sophie, passes away unexpectedly. How will Sophie’s death impact on their lives, will the wedding take place, how will they survive? All questions are answered in When Death Calls.

Marcelle concludes, “Old Mutual has long championed the importance of funeral policies, and believes that funeral cover provides peace of mind in an ever-changing economic landscape. Not only will a policy pay for expenses related to the burial of a loved one, but it will help you get through the tedious paperwork and endless arrangements that need to be made. Unless you have experienced organising a funeral, it’s not easy to imagine the work and costs that are involved in funeral arrangements during a very traumatic time.”

For more information, visit the When Death Calls page on our site or catch the series of When Death Calls every Thursday on Ligwalagwala FM at 10:30am, Lesedi FM at 10:15am, Motsweding FM at 10:53am, Umhlobo Wenene FM at 10:45am, Thobela FM at 12:50pm or on Wednesdays on Ukhozi FM at 14:20pm.