Investment Tool

INVESTRIGHT™ is a simple, interactive and free online guide to help you calculate how much and how long you need to save and invest to meet your financial goals, be they short-, medium- or long-term. Answer no more than five simple questions to quickly establish how much you need to save:

  • to retire comfortably in South Africa
  • how much income you can earn with a lump sum investment
  • how much to start investing for your child's education
  • or how much to save to achieve your dream

The INVESTRIGHT™ investment calculator will help you figure out what you need to save to make your goals a reality. Choose the most suitable investment option from a variety of products to save - from tax free savings accounts, flexible savings plans, unit trusts, to offshore investments.

The beauty of earning compound interest (that's interest on your interest) is that it has a marked snowball effect. Start now, invest online.