Celebrating the partnerships forged
to improve the living conditions
of the communities in which we operate.
About Old Mutual Partnership Awards

Now in its third year, the Old Mutual Partnership Awards (OMPA) were designed specifically to spotlight the effective partnerships we established with supportive stakeholders. Working together has strengthened our ability to make a positive impact on the socio-economic conditions of vulnerable communities across Africa.

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Old Mutual Partnership Awards Virtual Ceremony 2021The winning partners of the Old Mutual Partnership Awards 2021 competition were honoured in a ceremony showcasing the exceptional work they do.When do entries open for the 2021 awards?

    Entries open on the 22nd of July 2021

    Entries close on the 17th September 2021

    • Visit our Entries page for more information.
    • Each category contains an entry form (word doc) which you will be asked to download and complete. Different categories have different entry forms.
    • Complete the necessary requirements, attaching any applicable links that can help support your entry
    • Once you have completed your entry or entries, they can be emailed to OMPA@oldmutual.com
    • Any large files can also be sent via WeTransfer or Google Docs
    • Check this FAQ page for more tips on entering

    Work submitted must be within a 12 month period but no longer than 2 years.

    • Qualifying participants must be stakeholders of Old Mutual
    • Winners and nominees of the competition must be willing to participate in all media-related activities that the coordinators may arrange.
    • Category winners must be willing to act as mentors of other category partners
    • Old Mutual employees and adjudicators of OMPA are not allowed to enter the competition
    • Entrants of the competition must be willing to provide adjudicators with relevant supporting documents if and when required
    • Qualifying recipients may be interviewed as part of the adjudication process
    • Qualifying recipients must be willing to allow Old Mutual coordinators to take video footage and pictures which supports information provided on the entry forms should it be required
    • Winners of Old Mutual Partnership Awards are expected to utilise the prize money towards capacity building and/or enterprise development.
    • Winners are expected to provide a plan for the utilization of the winnings prior to the transfer of funds

    Yes, you can submit a previously entered application – just be sure to show any significant changes in the results, reach and coverage that indicates why the entry is different this year.

    Yes, you may enter in as many categories as you like.

    The 2021 finalists will be announced at the end of September, across social media and through various media releases.

    TBC - It looks like 2021 will be a virtual awards ceremony, subject to Covid-19 restrictions being lifted

    Please visit our Winners and Finalists page for details of past winners.

    Please visit our Meet the Judges page.

    • Each entry will go through a pre-screening process to determine the qualifying submissions in each category.
    • All submissions will be marked according to a set of criteria, which varies from category to category.
    • The qualifying submissions will move on to the first phase of adjudication to be assessed internally by a panel(s) comprising of some of our well-respected colleagues in both our South Africa and Rest of Africa operations.
    • The internal adjudication panel(s) will evaluate and score each submission to determine the top seven in each category. It is these submissions that will then be put forward to the second phase of adjudication
    • In this phase, the qualifying submissions will be assessed by an external panel(s) of esteemed judges hailing from various sectors such as CEOs/COOs/Presidents of Industry Bodies and public and private sector representatives.
    • During this round, judges will be required to determine the top three submissions in each category and appoint Chief Adjudicators amongst themselves.
    • The top three will be put forward for final deliberation by the Chief Adjudicators
    • Signing off the final ranking of the finalists in the “OML Partner of the Year” category will be concluded in a closed sitting of the Chief Adjudicators
    • This award is the highest accolade of partnership recognition across the OML Group. It is reserved for the most outstanding of all submissions and will qualify a cash prize to further the partnership.

    Our judges have put together some key tips for this year’s entrants to follow!

    • Be sure to include measurable objectives and benchmarks for societal impact / success. Without these, we are unable to accurately assess the results and the efficiency of the partnership.
    • Customise your entry to the category into which it is entered. Give the judges a reason why you deserve to win that category.
    • Some entrants submit the same entry into several categories, but when judging, we consider the merits of the entry according to the specific category. The information that you would need to provide for one category would need to be different from another one you may have entered
    • Do not assume that the readers have prior knowledge of your partnership with Old Mutual. Write a succinct summary, providing all relevant information. Please ensure that you proofread your entry!
    • Quantifiable, measurable objectives need to be identified, and evidence provided that these had been met or exceeded
    • The entries that address all the judging criteria, are creative and go beyond standard practice – developing into something magical – make for award-winners. The qualifying submissions will be judged based on the following eight criteria:
      • Partnership strength
      • Empowerment
      • Scalability
      • Sustainability
      • Impact
      • Ingenuity
      • Excellence
    • Please ensure that the showcase of partnership you are entering meets required category objectives, and is not a “copy-and-paste job” across multiple categories
    • Entry submissions should not be long and confusing. Try to give relevant and clear points that apply to each category objective / criterion and limit the accompanying documents, PowerPoints and videos – be more in sync with answering the requirement for that particular award category
    • Make sure that the response mentions why it should win that particular award category
    • Show articulated results for short-, medium-and long-term goals, and/or return on investment for the Old Mutual. Supporting evidence helps tremendously when judges are marking the work
    • Make sure your entry is well written – STAND OUT, be clear, spell-check and be concise about why it’s been entered
    • Winning partner of the year will need to show on-strategy creative execution that displays a clear link between the original business objectives and the outcomes enabled by the work of the partnership