WhatsApp Scams
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What is it?

WhatsApp has become a great platform for Stokvels to engage with each other and to grow the membership of the groups. But sadly several WhatsApp groups are targeting people, using stokvel scams, so please be cautious when joining a WhatsApp group. The group operates as an alleged ‘savings club’ or stokvel, where users join the club with E.g. R200 and are encouraged to invite as many other people as possible to join.

Traditionally if you join a stokvel, it is made up of a group of friends who come together to form an association. It’s generally someone you know and trust who’ll recommend you as an honest person to the group. Stokvel’s are governed by formal rules and regulations, hold regular meetings and the pay-out ratio is normally determined upfront.

How can you protect yourself?

Avoid joining stokvels via WhatsApp or other social media especially if you do not know the people who contribute (faceless depositors) or the people who recruit (faceless recruiters) because:

  • Recruiters and depositors can delist their cell number easily resulting in you never being able to contact them for contributions again.
  • Make sure that the stokvel is legitimate and registered with a known and reputable association, before making any investment or parting with cash.
  • If you are unable to verify the Stokvel, accept that the risk of this being scammed is unacceptably high.


Report any suspicions of fraudulent activity immediately.

  • Call the Tip-offs anonymous toll free number: 0800 222 117
  • Email toahotline@tip-offs.com
  • Visit www.tip-offs.com (This anonymous service is provided by Deloitte - a multinational auditing and accounting firm)
  • If the scam relates to Old Mutual in any way, please email Old Mutual Group Forensic Services (GFS) on gfs@oldmutual.com