Temporary Income Benefit

Many customers protect themselves with lump sum disability cover only, but forget that temporary injuries or illnesses are not covered. What will happen if you cannot earn an income in the short term? Can you and your family survive financially if you suffer a temporary illness or injury? You might need to consider protecting yourself with GREENLIGHT Temporary Income Benefit to fill this gap.

How does it work?

It pays you a monthly income which you can use to replace any lost income while you cannot work or do normal day-to-day activities for up to 24 months.

You have the choice to protect your income for your entire life (whole-life cover) or for a specific period (term cover). You can protect your income for up to R200 000 each month if you choose term cover. 

More reasons to choose GREENLIGHT Temporary Income Benefit:

  • It protects your income if you cannot do your specific job.
  • It offers protection against temporary and permanent illnesses and injuries for up to 48 months.
  • If offers protection if you cannot do normal day-to-day activities such as dressing, bathing or eating on your own.
  • It includes fracture cover.

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Life Cover

Life insurance pays out a lump sum when you die. This type of long-term insurance is typically used to:

  • Cover debt and estate duty costs.
  • Cover funeral expenses
  • Generate an income for your family from the lump sum payable

Retrenchment & Illness Cover

Lifestyle Adjustment Cover helps you cover the unexpected costs of retrenchment, a life-changing severe illness or injury. Typically used to:

  • Replace your income for six months if retrenched
  • Cover unexpected expenses after suffering severe illness or injury

Future Needs Cover

Protects you against future uninsurability; the inability to pay premiums and save for emergencies. This type of insurance can be used to:

  • Buy lump sum cover in the future even if your health changes.
  • Continue premium payments
  • Meet a savings goal

Business Insurance

Business cover protects you, your business and key people in your business. Choose the cover you need:

  • Key man insurance covers people crucial to your business
  • Business overhead expense insurance covers monthly business overhead costs if you become occupationally or physically disabled.
  • Continue the business if owners become disabled or die