Severe Illness Benefit

Will you be able to FIGHT BACK when you need to? Anyone can be diagnosed with a severe illness, whether you are six or 75 years old. Recovering from a severe illness is tough... physically, emotionally and financially.

GREENLIGHT Severe Illness Cover pays out a tax-free lump sum, for each dreaded disease claimed for, such as a heart attack, stroke and cancer, which you can use to get immediate access to pay for recovery or for any other financial needs, such as replacing income for a short period.

Enduring a severe illness can put life on hold. The fight back is not easy, but it’s not impossible – Dane, Mike and Heidi, our severe illness fighters, are living proof! Watch their videos and hear their stories of hope, survival and fighting back.

The four phases of a severe illness

A severe illness typically has four phases. You are diagnosed in the first phase and treated in the second. In the third you need to recover. In the fourth phase you face the financial impact of the unexpected expenses a severe illness can have on you, your family and business.

In South Africa medical aid and gap cover is designed to support you through the first two phases. GREENLIGHT Severe Illness Cover is there to support you through the last two phases. We’re with you when it’s time to fight back.

Dreaded Disease List and Downloads

By partnering with us, we will be with you from today through to the day when it’s time to fight back.

For a general overview of illness insurance, examples and definitions of severe illnesses, statistics, and claim information, download our Severe Illness Benefit Brochure.

Have a look at our body map for a list and types of illnesses we cover for all ages, including child illnesses covered: EngAfr

It’s time to take back your tomorrow. Choose your severe illness benefit - select from Elite, Premium, or Essential Severe Illness cover, depending on your needs and budget, and get a quick online severe illness cover quote, or speak to your financial advisor about the range of GREENLIGHT benefits, including life insurance, disability cover, income protection insurance, and more.

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Life Cover

Life insurance pays out a lump sum when you die. This type of long-term insurance is typically used to:

  • Cover debt and estate duty costs.
  • Cover funeral expenses
  • Generate an income for your family from the lump sum payable

Disability Cover

Earning Ability Cover pays out a lump sum or monthly income if you become physically or occupationally disabled. Can be used:

  • To cover monthly expenses
  • For temporary/full nursing care
  • To make adjustments to your home or vehicle

Future Needs Cover

Protects you against future uninsurability; the inability to pay premiums and save for emergencies. This type of insurance can be used to:

  • Buy lump sum cover in the future even if your health changes.
  • Continue premium payments
  • Meet a savings goal

Business Insurance

Business cover protects you, your business and key people in your business. Choose the cover you need:

  • Key man insurance covers people crucial to your business
  • Business overhead expense insurance covers monthly business overhead costs if you become occupationally or physically disabled.
  • Continue the business if owners become disabled or die