Max Investments Education Policy

An excellent education is the best gift I ever gave my children.

The financial decisions you make today will make all the difference to your child’s future As a parent you will be faced with a lot of financial decisions, like what school you will be able to afford to send your child to, private or public, and whether you have enough saved for one year or three years of university. Luckily, the financial decisions needn’t be difficult, and with the help of your Old Mutual financial adviser or broker, you can plan for the most useful gift of all – a solid education. The most important thing is to start saving as soon as possible. Even if you can only afford a small amount to begin with!

The SmartMAX Education Plan from Max Investments is the smart way to save for your child’s future education needs – whether it’s school or tertiary education. It’s a simple solution which offers flexibility to meet your needs. We’ve also created a special website for parents (or even parents-to-be) which can help with this daunting task.

The first step towards creating an education plan with Max Investments is to choose how you will be paying your premiums:

Invest a lump sum / Pay as You Go

If you have a lump sum of cash or you want to pay premiums on a pay as you go basis, invest in endless opportunities with the Max Investments SmartFLEXIBLE Plan.

Invest monthly for a fixed term

Starting from only R350 a month, the SmartFOCUSSED Plan is a savings vehicle where you commit to investing regular premiums for a specific term, in order start building the future you want for your child.

Useful information

  • Use our savings calculator to see if you are meeting your goal, or how much you should be putting away to reach that goal.
  • Take a look at some practical tips for saving and how to budget so you can save even more.
  • Visit the SmartMAX website for useful information to help you prepare for your child’s future. You’ll find loads of free downloadable tools - from party planners to weekly schedulers and school lists.

SmartMAX Flexible Investment Plan

Kickstart your child's education savings by investing a lump sum in SmartMAX Flexible Plan!




SmartMAX Focussed Investment Plan

From as little as R350 a month you can start building your child's education savings with SmartMAX!