22seven is a free budgeting and investing app from Old Mutual. 22seven helps you budget, track your spending on all your accounts and invest for your life goals. Visit 22seven to sign up online or download the free Android app or iOS app to get started.


See all your money in one place.

  • Link bank accounts, credit and store cards, investments, loans, rewards and more from over 100 financial institutions.
  • See all your transactions in one place.
  • Find what your money's worth.



Set budgets and get help sticking to them.

  • 22seven generates a budget based on your own, actual spending.
  • See exactly how much you spend on what each month and start saving.
  • Set your own budgets to challenge yourself, then get help sticking to them.

22seven automatically categorises every transaction you make, so that you know exactly where your money goes. This helps you make the kind of changes you need to start bossing your money.


Keep track of your money simply.

  • All your transactions from all your accounts are automatically updated and sorted.
  • Find any transaction instantly. From 3 days, 3 months or even 3 years ago.
  • It's all exportable, so your tax returns are made easy.

Every transaction is remembered for you for as long as you use 22seven. Searching for transactions using various filters is easy, so there's no longer any need for all those slips and pricey bank statements.


Invest for your life goals and reach them sooner.

  • Put the money you end up saving towards your dreams.
  • Invest using the mobile app or online from as little as R250.
  • Choose from a range of low cost, tax free investments.

Investing through 22seven is all online. No paper, no queues, no fuss. And you can even invest tax free, which means you get to keep more of your money.

Download the free Android app or iOS app and start bossing your money today.