22SEVEN is a FREE budgeting and investment APP available free in South Africa. 22seven helps you track and manage your money more easily and invest it more smartly.

Visit 22seven to sign up online or download the app to find more money - every day, every month - and do more with it.


See all your money in one place

  • All your accounts. All your transactions. All together.
  • Link bank accounts, credit and store cards, investments, loans and rewards.
  • See what your money's worth. And what you honestly have, owe and can borrow.

When you sign up with 22seven, you can link hundreds of different accounts from over 60 financial institutions. Once you've done that, you'll see all your balances and transactions, from all of those accounts, in one place. You also see the net value of all your money, and (hopefully) watch it grow each month.


Get a personalised budget, automatically.

  • It's generated for you. And based on your own, actual spending.
  • See exactly how much you spend on what each month.
  • Know what you planned to spend, have spent, and have left to spend.

22seven automatically sorts each transaction into a category like groceries or bank fees, so you know where your money goes. Seeing that, and being able to track your spending easily, any time, helps you make the kinds of changes and decisions that save our customers hundreds or thousands, immediately, and every month.


Keep track of your money more simply.

  • All your transactions are automatically updated and sorted into categories.
  • Find any transactions instantly. From 3 days, 3 months or 3 years ago.
  • It's all exportable. So your tax returns are made easy.

Every transaction is remembered and stored for you for as long as you use 22seven. Search using various filters and find whatever, from whenever. There's no need for separate slips, statements or manual record keeping, ever. And you don't have to pay for the information (unlike at your bank). After all, it belongs to you.


Grow your money more smartly.

  • Invest online at the flick of a finger. In as little as 5 minutes. From as little as R350.
  • Put money in or take it out any time, without paying penalties.
  • Investing is good. Investing tax free is better. Investing at low cost is best.

Investing through 22seven is all 100% online - there's no paper, no queues. You can invest tax free, which means you keep more of your money because you aren't taxed on the growth of your investment, nor when you withdraw the money. And the fee is only 0.68%, which leaves more of your money to grow.

Manage your money easily with the secure 22seven app from Old Mutual. Download the budget tool for Android or iOS to get a personal budget planner automatically, start tracking your spending & expenses, and invest your savings online.