PWM is passionate about people who are passionate about financial services and providing advice that is appropriate to their clients achieving their lifestyle goals. We recognize the numerous demands our industry places on financial planners, and the burden and costs of ensuring regulatory compliance and believe we offer the best proposition for planners to enable them to focus on what they do best.

We encourage financial planners who fit our mould and share our passion for clients and helping them achieve their lifestyle to join our company.

Similarly we offer a solution for planners contemplating an exit from the industry or looking for a buyer for their business to not only ensure they secure their future but importantly to ensure that their clients are left in the best possible hands.

If you would like to make the switch to Private Wealth Management, please complete this short email form and attach your CV before submitting.

If you would like to find out more about what a move to Private Wealth Management could mean for you, your clients and your career, please contact Malcolm Fiellies on 021 524 4400 or email Malcolm.

  • Established Financial Planners with 5 years experience in an advice capacity
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Preferably a Certified Financial Planner, or an ambition to be a CFP®
  • With a focus on either Holistic Financial Planning, Investment Planning or Retirement Planning
  • Member of the Financial Planning Institute

By joining Private Wealth Management you will:

  • Be part of the leading financial services company in South Africa;
  • Be part of the dedicated financial planning arm of the Old Mutual Wealth business;
  • Be part of a wealth management business that positions itself as a fee-based business, well positioned to meet the anticipated FSB regulation of remuneration and fees changes;
  • Receive the full backing of Old Mutual as a brand;
  • Have access to a Client Engagement Process (CEP) and a set of tools to deliver our Lifestyle Financial Planning proposition to our clients – a proposition that is backed by Old Mutual.
  • Have access to and become accredited to advise on a broad set of Old Mutual and external solutions covering a broad range of need areas including risk, savings and investment.
  • Have all your FAIS and Compliance needs and costs taken care of by Old Mutual.

As part of Private Wealth Management, you will have access to:

  • An opportunity to grow professionally and personally;
  • Regular and ongoing training and accreditation;
  • A wide range of support including: Management support in the form of coaching and mentoring, legal & technical support, product support, leads, customer base management, marketing and administrative support.
  • Infrastructural support including: office space, furniture, phone, fax, photocopier, laptop PC, software packages, advice tools and stationery.
  • Employee benefits – such as a retirement fund, medical aid and group insurance;
  • Competitive commission and fee based remuneration;
  • Rewards and recognition for those who excel; and
  • An opportunity to be part of a team.

The assistance of Practice Development Managers and Financial Planning Planners/Coaches to optimise the functioning of your business and as such, to optimise your capacity to increase revenue and the value of your business.

The benefit of the Client Relationship Transition Agreement (CRTA) which provides you with a guaranteed buyer (Private Wealth Management) for your business on your retirement (or on resignation, serving a two year transition period) - provided that certain conditions are met and based on valuation criteria which you can measure against regular valuations during the course of your employment. This gives you an additional lump sum at retirement while ensuring the smooth transition of your clients into the Private Wealth Management corporatised model.

Private Wealth Management operates two related, yet diverse businesses. The Entrepreneurial Model provides Financial Planners with the opportunity to create and manage their own practice within Private Wealth Management. However, we recognise that some Financial Planners may be more comfortable managing clients on behalf of Private Wealth Management. Under the Corporatised Model the Financial Planner is salaried (with some incentives for exceeding expectations) and maintains the relationships with clients on behalf of Private Wealth Management as salaried employee.

Ability to make use of the General Practice construct (for those businesses with a large client base), by introducing a junior financial planner/associate into your business to ensure that all clients are contacted and taken through our value proposition.

If you are contemplating an exit from the industry and looking for a purchaser for your financial planning business, Private Wealth Management could prove to be the solution to your exit strategy or succession planning concerns.

If you would like to find out more about what the Private Wealth Management exit planning offer could mean to you and your clients, please email Malcolm Fiellies.