DSC_0041Old Mutual Private Wealth Management recently held a very successful and enjoyable hickory™ golf day for clients and business partner Agri Gauteng. This was a very unique golf experience.

Participants had no idea what to expect as the focus was not on score cards and winning prizes, but rather on making new friends and exploring business relationships while enjoying a rather strange, but awe-inspiring round of golf. On arrival, golfers were presented with a pair of plus fours, long socks, a vintage golf cap, collar shirt and a tie. Much laughter and banter followed as the organiser, Paul Adams (pictured above), had to illustrate how to wear and buckle up the vintage attire.

There were quite a few frowns when the golfers had to take their shiny new golf bags and clubs back to their cars. They all received two sets of golf clubs per golf cart to be shared by two golfers. Usually a no-no in golf!

The first set of clubs dated back to the sixties, mostly persimmons woods and blade irons with a golden goose or similar putter. The second set of clubs were really interesting in the true Hickory style dating back to the beginning of the 17th century. Woods had solid heads with hickory wooden shafts and leather grips. Paul described the meaning of spoon, brassie and niblick to the golfers. The irons had no numbers but were simply marked as a short, middle or long iron and all had wooden shafts. The putter was a rusty old blade.

They all had a short lesson on the do’s and don’ts of hickory golf and everybody was off on an unforgettable experience soon realising the real purpose of the day – having fun!

The game ended with a lucky draw and no score cards, followed by some cold ones and a lovely dinner at Zwartkop Country Club building new friendships and exploring future business opportunities.

A golf day with a difference, but with a common purpose!