Investment Plan (Flexible)

By putting away money whenever I had it I’ve built up a dream nest egg.

Saving with the Flexible Investment Plan

The Max Investments Flexible Investment Plan offers the flexibility of lump sum and/or scheduled investments with access to a wide range of investment funds. Invest in your choice of leading funds from various fund managers while enjoying possible tax benefits thanks to our choice of ‘tax wrappers’ – structures that could reduce your tax burden. The minimum investment amount for the Flexible Investment Plan is a R10 000 lump sum and/or R500 per month and a minimum investment term of five years.

The trick to achieving your savings goals is to start investing as soon as possible. If you have a lump sum available or access to funds on an ad hoc basis then MAX Flexible Investment Plan is the solution for you.

What I need to know

Flexible Investment Plan

This payment option affords flexibility by allowing for lump sum and scheduled contributions.

  • Minimum investment: R10 000 lump sum and/or R500 a month.
  • Minimum investment term: Five years.

Extensive choice of leading funds

Investors can choose from an extensive list of leading funds conveniently categorised into Guaranteed, Defensive and Market Growth categories. Your financial adviser can assist with this selection (including ensuring Regulation 28 compliance – see Max Investments fund range).

  • The option to make lump sum and/or scheduled payments.
  • Automatic access to leading funds from a range of fund managers in South Africa.
  • The flexibility to switch between investment funds, as often and whenever you like, at no cost.
  • Consolidated reporting available on the performance of your investments through Old Mutual’s MyPortfolio online platform.
  • The more you invest, the lower your plan charges will become as the value of your investment grows.
  • Flexibility to add or remove risk protection, as your individual circumstances change.

Time is the not-so-secret ingredient in investing. See what difference time can make by using this calculator and see why today is a good day to start.

Max Investments offers you access to a colossal range of investment funds (also known as underlying investments) that enable you to create a portfolio that matches your objectives and appetite for risk.

Core Funds

Extended Fund Range: Internal Funds

Extended Fund Range: External Funds

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