Build up funds for things you can't afford right now by saving with this Plan - for as little as R215 per month. It provides a Long Term Pocket (invested in the Old Mutual Smoothed Bonus Fund) to assist in saving towards your longer-term goals, like buying a house or going on a holiday, as well as a Short Term Pocket (invested in the Old Mutual Money Market Fund), which allows you access to your funds when you need it in emergencies or when you have extra money to invest in the case of a bonus or extra income. For more information, call 0860 60 71 11 or SMS PLANS to 37453


Minimum Contribution R 215
Long & Short Term Pockets
Save with the Long Term Pocket and access the Short Term Pocket when financial needs arise.
Premium split between Long and Short Term pocket
Contributions under R230: R150 to Long Term Pocket, remainder to Short Term Pocket.
R230+: 65% to Long Term Pocket, 35% to Short Term Pocket.
Part Withdrawal - Short Term
Withdraw from the Short Term Pocket at any time.
First two withdrawals per calendar year from Short Term Pocket free of charge. Charges apply for further withdrawals.
Part Withdrawal - Long Term
Part withdrawals allowed from Long Term Pocket within 5 years.
Part withdrawals allowed within 5 years and then every 5 years thereafter. Charges apply.
Premium Holiday Benefit
You can miss up to 6 premiums over the life of the policy and your plan will remain active.
Optional Premium Waiver Benefit
If death/disability occurs within first 10 years, a lump sum will be added to your Long Term Pocket.
You pay an extra 10% of the long term premium to cover this option.
Savings Boosters
Pay a number of contributions and a specified extra amount is paid into your Long Term Pocket.
Savings Boosters after 24, 60 and 110 contributions
Savings Top-up
You can deposit extra money into the Short Term Pocket at any time during the month.
Limits apply.
Automatic Contribution Increase
The total premium increases yearly.
You can opt out of increase for specific year.
Your Long Term pocket money is invested in the Smoothed Bonus Fund and Short Term Pocket money in the Money Market Fund.
Smoothed Bonus Fund Money Market Fund