Update on Old Mutual Unit Trusts Fund Range

We would like to inform you of the following changes to the Old Mutual Unit Trusts Fund Range.


As part of our fund enhancements we launched two new funds on 28 February 2018: Old Mutual Equity Fund and Old Mutual Core Moderate Fund. The Old Mutual Equity Fund is a rand-based South African general equity fund that can invest 30% offshore. It will be managed by the same team who manages the Old Mutual Investors’ Fund, the longest running unit trust in South Africa. 

The Old Mutual Core Moderate Fund is a passive balanced fund and, as communicated last quarter, will  complete the passive multi-asset range as per below:




Old Mutual Core Conservative Fund

South African – Multi-Asset – Low Equity (maximum 40% equity exposure)

Old Mutual Core Moderate Fund

South African – Multi-Asset – Medium Equity (maximum 60% equity exposure)

Old Mutual Core Balanced Fund

South African – Multi-Asset – High Equity (maximum 75% equity exposure)






The investment policy of Old Mutual’s Mid and Small Cap Fund allows exposure to a range of shares in the mid and small indices. This excludes the 40 largest stocks listed on the FTSE/ALSI All Share index. Due to recent changes to the way in which the JSE calculates certain indices some mid cap shares were unintentionally excluded from the investible universe of the fund.


We have engaged with the Financial Services Board (FSB) to update the fund’s investment policy so that the manager can continue to manage the fund as intended. This will enable the fund to continue to gain exposure to the full range of shares in the mid and small cap indices. The 40 stocks in the Large Cap Index will be excluded from the investment universe of the fund.