Unit Trusts

Unit trusts are an amazingly flexible investment option and can be used to achieve a number of investment and life goals:

  • Build a portfolio of unit trusts using our Investment Series range or our full range of over 40 unit trusts to save for specific goals such as education, holidays, or a car.
  • Save for retirement with Old Mutual Retirement Annuity Fund. This unit trust-based retirement annuity lets you switch between unit trusts as your life stage changes to ensure that your investment remains relevant to you at all times.
  • Old Mutual Living Annuity enables you to draw a market-related income derived from a unit trust portfolio.
  • If you have taken early retirement or resigned to make a new start, the Old Mutual Preservation Funds can help you to preserve and grow the proceeds of a pension or provident fund.
  • We have a selection of Shari'ah compliant unit trusts to meet the needs of our Muslim investors.