Investing for Education

Design an education plan with an investment portfolio from Old Mutual Unit Trusts. The cost of a quality education in South Africa is growing increasingly expensive and parents from all walks of life should consider starting an education fund as soon as possible.

Unit trusts are an ideal tool for education planning as Old Mutual has a comprehensive range of unit trust funds that are designed to suit the needs of most investors. The unit trusts you choose will depend on how soon, or how late you start your education fund and the level of risk you are comfortable with. This is because different types of unit trusts suit different investment needs, goals and time horizons.

For example, if your child is a baby when you begin investing in your education fund, you have time on your side and you can choose a higher-risk unit trust with the potential to offer you more growth. This is because, over time, the impact of negative market performance is lessened by positive market performance. As your child starts school, your may consider switching to a unit trust that offers some growth but also aims to protect your capital. You can even include a unit trust that pays you a regular income to help with books, stationery and extra lesson payments.

You can choose from our Investment Series, which we have introduced to make investing with Old Mutual Unit Trusts as simple as possible. It is a selection of ten unit trusts that ranges from high-risk unit trusts offering maximum growth potential to unit trusts offering capital protection, growth and an income, or pure income unit trusts. But, if you want more choice, and access to more specialist or focused unit trusts, you can select from our full range of over 40 unit trusts.

Flexible, affordable and liquid unit trusts are an ideal investment solution for most people. To find out more, visit about Unit Trusts.

How to invest

If you know which unit trusts are right for you, select one of the options below. Alternatively, if you need advice please complete the form on the right hand side of this page and a trained consultant will contact you soon.