Hedge Funds

Our range of Qualified Investor Hedge funds aim to provide investors with long-term capital growth, while controlling the short-term volatility of investment returns by using hedging instruments and/or techniques and the active management of risk.

The funds’ investment objectives and strategies expose investors to various risks including partial or full capital loss and it is recommended that investors consult their advisers in order to determine the risks involved. Our hedge funds are suited for institutional investors, as well as retail investors, who comply with the conditions associated with investing in hedge funds.

To invest in QI Hedge Funds, you:

1. Must be investing a minimum of R1 million per Hedge fund; and

2. Have the relevant experience to assess the merits and risks involved in Qualified Investor Hedge fund investments or

3. Have a financial adviser who has the relevant experience and knowledge to give advice on the risks involved in investing in Hedge funds.

The following Hedge funds are available to Qualified Investors:

Please refer to the funds' MDD, Information sheet and Application Form for the full details on investing in QI Hedge Funds.