Retirement Products

We are streamlining our investment offering by consolidating similar retirement funds. As such, clients in this Old Mutual Unit Trusts Retirement Fund will automatically be moved to the Wealth equivalent Fund in August 2019 and no action is required from you.  Your unit trust fund and classes will remain as is, and fees will not change. Please note:  This fund is being capped to new business from 26 July 2019.

Old Mutual Unit Trusts has developed a portfolio of unit trust-linked retirement products that offer you a seamless way to plan, manage and secure your future financial wellbeing. Our products are affordable and transparent, with no hidden product or administration fees.

You have the ability to tailor a market-linked investment portfolio designed to meet your specific needs, and the flexibility to switch between unit trusts as your needs and time horizon change.

Our Classic Investment Collection, along with our comprehensive range of unit trust funds, enables you to diversify your investment across regions, sectors and economies.

In addition, you can view and manage your portfolio 24/7 in our secure online environment. Please select the product that suits your needs, and read the sales aid carefully in order to understand all the features and benefits.

Old Mutual Unit Trusts Retirement Annuity Fund

An affordable, flexible way to accumulate and grow your retirement savings; contributions are tax-deductible within legislated limits. Read more...

Old Mutual Unit Trusts Preservation Fund

Available as a preservation pension fund or preservation provident fund, this is an ideal vehicle to preserve and grow the proceeds of a pension or provident fund, if you have taken early retirement or resigned to make a new start. Read more...

Old Mutual Unit Trusts Living Annuity

Invest your accumulated retirement capital, derived from your pension/provident fund and retirement annuities, to invest in this dynamic, market-linked living annuity, and tailor a portfolio to grow your capital and generate your retirement income. Read more...