About Us

As a member of the Old Mutual family, we live by the following values: Respect, Dignity, Integrity, Accountability, Pushing Beyond Boundaries and last but not least, the spirit of Ubuntu.

Old Mutual Finance offers each customer a My Money Plan, allowing you to take one or a combination of personal loans with the flexibility to consolidate your current debt and suit your financial needs.

Our Difference

At Old Mutual Finance (OMF) we have a deep-rooted respect for our customers, their circumstances, needs and culture. This drives us to treat customers with dignity, provide remarkable service and to do our utmost to provide good solutions.

Old Mutual is known as the savings and assurance powerhouse of South Africa. We also recognise that lending is a reality for most people. Generally lending and savings are seen as conflicting needs and offerings. Old Mutual Finance takes a holistic view of customers' savings, risk and lending needs and provide a balanced basket of products that meet these needs. This allows us to provide each individual with a unique financial solution that helps them to achieve financial freedom and avoid bad debt.

All the services we provide and products we offer are all designed to make your life easier. From personal loans, consolidation of debt, monthly cash payments, future planning, death, disability and retrenchment cover, they are all created with you in mind.

Lending Principles


The value of loans we give is determined by the amount you can afford. While loans are often seen in a negative light, if used responsibly and carefully, they can open many doors and opportunities for customers - loans for education, home extensions etc.

We help customers to understand the link between their duty to repay the loan and being able to afford the monthly repayments over the agreed period (i.e. total number of months).

Financial Education

The words used to describe financial services can often be confusing. That is why we encourage you to visit one of the branches and speak to Financial Consultants who can explain the details in a language you are comfortable with.

Spending Time

We take the time to ensure you fully understand the loans process and their agreement and obligation to pay back the loans. Old Mutual Finance spends time with you to create a plan to manage your debt and monthly cash requirements so that you can face your future comfortably.