Loan Calculator

Life is anything but predictable, and unexpected expenses can catch you off guard when you are least prepared for them. For such rainy day events, many choose to resort to a personal loan, but working out the cost of credit is not always straightforward. With our calculator, we aim to make the number-crunching a little easier by estimating the monthly repayments on a loan of a certain size and repayment term.


When calculating the total cost of a loan, one needs to take three factors into account:

  • Interest: your interest rate is determined by your credit score
  • Fees: these include an initiation fee and monthly service fees
  • Credit insurance: a credit provider might require you to have credit insurance

Never take out a loan only because you qualified for it. Always calculate the total cost of a loan as well as your monthly repayments to ensure that you can afford it.



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Credit score determines whether or not they qualify for a loan and what kind of interest rate they get.
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