Investment Funded Income

Investment Funded Income is an income-generating investment option from the Old Mutual Max Income retirement investment solutions range. Receive retirement income based on the performance of the underlying investment fund(s) chosen from a once-off lump sum invested from your retirement fund savings.

Flexible post-retirement income planning

Investment Funded Income is not only a retirement funding solution that pays monthly income after retirement in South Africa. It features great flexibility and options including:

  • You can opt for 100% investment allocation.
  • You can choose a regular, guaranteed income for life.
  • Flexibility in terms of income frequency and escalations.
  • Tax is deducted by Old Mutual prior to income payments according to the current tax tables.
  • Depending on the solution you select your minimum investment amount ranges from a lump sum of R15 000 to R500 000.
  • You know how much income you will receive and when you will receive it.

Max Income also offers a guaranteed retirement Income for Life solution. Find an Old Mutual adviser today, call 0860 60 60 60, or submit the form on this page for a call back to discuss the retirement income options available to you.

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