Income for Life

This solution can be purchased with the proceeds of retirement funds OR from capital sourced from non-retirement funding investments/savings. It offers you a guaranteed income for life. Minimum investment amount is a lump sum of R10 000 if the source is from non-retirement funding investments/savings OR R15 000 if purchased with proceeds from retirement funds.

Features and Benefits

  • You can choose a regular, guaranteed income for life.
  • Flexibility in terms of income frequency – annually, bi-annually, quarterly or monthly.
  • Choose to increase your income annually or in line with inflation.
  • For investors who have a limited life expectancy or who want to leave tax efficient capital inheritance to their heirs, they can choose the capital preservation option – offering a single life annuity, monthly income payments, no guaranteed term of income and death cover.
  • Market-leading, competitive offering.

More information

To demystify the world of retirement income options, ask a financial advisor to explain the various options that are available to you, so that you can choose the solution that suits you best. Speak to your Old Mutual adviser or broker today or call 0860 60 60 60.