Max Investments Retirement

Work on retirement today, not in retirement tomorrow.

After years of working hard, you’ve earned the right to a comfortable retirement. But you have to be financially prepared for it, and the vast majority of South Africans simply aren't saving enough.

The good news is, even the smallest steps can help - like simply investing what you can afford from today, and letting compound growth do the hard work for you. The key is to start today and keep on track with your retirement savings journey.

How it works

There are a few simple steps to the right investment to meet your needs without taking away the freedom to be you.

Step 1:

Choose your payment options

You can go for a Flexible Investment Plan with complete premium payment flexibility and lump sum payments. Or you can select an Optimal Investment Plan with structured regular premiums that also allows for premium adaptability without reduction fees.

Step 2:

Choose investment funds according to your objectives

Choose from a wide range of Investment Funds that best suit your investment objectives and appetite for risk.

Useful information


Retirement Flexible Investment Plan

Do you have a lump sum or ad hoc access to funds? Invest it in a greater future with Max Investments.




XtraMAX Retirement Annuity

You can look forward to your retirement! Get up to 5% added to your investment upfront.




Optimal Plan

A retirement annuity that adapts to your needs as your life changes.