Retirement Annuity (Flexible)

Investing that windfall I received towards my retirement is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Max Investments Retirement Annuity Flexible Investment Plan

The Max Investments Flexible Investment Plan is a savings plan that allows you the freedom to save on a regular basis for however long you want. And with an initial amount of only R10 000 you can choose to just preserve your money.

Max Investments Flexible Investment Plan offers you a range of options and benefits that will suit the way you want to save and assist you in reaching your goals:

  • You choose how you want to pay:
    • A once-off investment.
    • A schedule of future regular investments.
    • A lump sum investment into the Plan at any point.
    • A combination of the above.
  • You can choose the asset manager and investment fund of your choice.
  • Product rewards give you great value. This allows your investment to grow more quickly and end up being worth more at the end of your investment term.
  • You have access to the leading investment funds and your charge reduces if you choose funds managed by the Old Mutual Group.

Tax Savings Calculator

Calculate the tax incentive benefits when investing a lump sum in a retirement annuity:

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Whilst the calculator intends to cater for multiple scenarios and every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this calculator, the results should be used as an indication only. This calculator may not be suitable for persons with a more complex tax scenario and who earn other forms of income that is not catered for on this calculator.
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Invest in your choice of leading funds from various fund managers while enjoying the tax benefits of a retirement annuity. The minimum investment amount for the Focussed Investment Plan is R10 000 lump sum or R500 a month and there is no minimum investment term.

What I need to know

The Flexible Investment Plan provides a savings vehicle which allows you the freedom to choose to invest via any of the following:

  • A once-off investment.
  • A schedule of future regular investments.
  • A lump sum investment into the plan at any point.
  • A combination of the above.

Unlike the Focussed Investment Plan, no commitment to future investments is necessary.

You can choose from a range of tax wrappers available on Max Investments. This means that you have access to the most appropriate and tax efficient solution for your individual needs.

You have automatic access to leading funds managed by a range of the leading fund managers in South Africa. This means that you can, for example, combine an Old Mutual fund, an Allan Gray fund and an Investec fund all in a single Max Investments plan. You benefit from consolidated reporting on the performance of your investments as well as a convenient single point of contact to manage your investments on an ongoing basis.

You benefit from a very competitive and transparent charging structure and are able to influence the charges on your investment. Max Investments rewards you for your commitment to save, the longer you stay invested, the less you pay in asset plan charges. (Please note: May not apply if certain external Unit Trust funds are selected, or if payment method is by stop order.)

You can switch your current investment value or future premium payments into any of the leading investment funds available through Max Investments whenever you like. The number of switches allowed is unlimited, and there is no charge for switching. (Subject to terms, conditions and any legal restrictions.)

Regarding the Endowment and LISP products within the Max Investments plans, you can make ad hoc disinvestments or zero-interest loans from specific funds, or set up a schedule of regular disinvestments or zero-interest loans to meet your liquidity requirements. You have the option to repay these zero-interest loans and invest again in the future when you can afford to, to ensure your investment goals are met. (Subject to terms, conditions and any legal restrictions. Only one disinvestment and zero-interest loan can be made during the restriction period of an Endowment.)

Max Investments offers you access to a colossal range of investment funds (also known as underlying investments) that enable you to create a portfolio that matches your objectives and appetite for risk.

Core Funds

Extended Fund Range: Internal Funds

Extended Fund Range: External Funds

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