Optimal Plan

To be financially independent in retirement is a dream we all share. But we know that life might present the occasional twist and turn along the way.

The earlier you start saving, the more time for your retirement savings to benefit from compound growth. And the more likely you are to achieve your retirement savings goal.

The Max Investments Optimal Plan offers you a transparent retirement annuity that adapts to your needs as your life changes all the way to retirement – and gives you something back along the way.

You can decrease your premiums, or take a ‘payment holiday’ in an emergency without being charged a reduction fee. Or you can increase your contributions as your income increases.

And with the Optimal Plan you have the reassurance that the full value of your retirement annuity remains intact, even when life throws you an unexpected curve ball.

Retirement Calculator

Find out what monthly premium you should pay to reach your goals.



Booster Calculator

See how investment boosters help your savings grow.



You have the option to change
monthly premiums as your
financial status changes

You can increase or decrease your premiums as and when you need, without it greatly impacting the value of the fund at the moment you make that change. So, no price to pay.*

*Only a transaction administration fee will apply to cover the costs of administering the change to the Plan.

You get investment boosters
along the way that increase your
investment value over time

1. Your Optimal Booster gets paid into the Optimal Plan in year five. This booster is calculated at 2.5% of the total value of your fund on that date - and then grows with your investment.

2. Your Monthly Boosters kick in after five years and will continue until the end of the investment term – as long you have a fund value. These boosters are calculated at 1% of your fund value per year to start and then increase over time. This means it could be as much as 1.75% per year.

Investment boosters - adding value to your retirement annuity over time

The graph above assumes a starting monthly premium of R1 000 that increases by 5% each year for 25 years. It assumes a gross return of 10% per year.

Affordable monthly premiums
to start!

Start saving for retirement and put away as much as you can, as early as possible. It’s best to start early so that you can begin with manageable premiums and increase these with time. If you didn’t start saving young, take the step today and catch up by starting to save with a higher premium.

Monthly Premiums

Your monthly premium will be R300 per month for investments of 21 years or more.

You can also choose to pay quarterly, half-yearly or annual premiums.

Protect your retirement with
disability premium protection

You can rest assured that your retirement savings needs will always be taken care of in the event of disability. Old Mutual will continue to pay your premiums for the full term of your investment.

Example: If you were to become disabled, Old Mutual will continue with your monthly premium with disability premium protection. The value of your investment maturity will then be unaffected as we continue to pay your premiums.

Fund options to meet your unique
investment needs

The Optimal Retirement Annuity offers a streamlined fund range which caters for different risk profiles aligned with your return objectives.

Unique Old Mutual Funds such as Edge 28 and Old Mutual Protected Funds.

Access to a wide range of investment funds managed by leading fund managers in South Africa. This means that you can have a combination of Old Mutual, Allan Gray and Investec funds in one retirement annuity.

You are also able to switch between funds as many times as you like for free.


Tracker Funds

Strategy Funds

Protection Funds

Target Funds

You will also enjoy the standard benefits that a retirement annuity offers:

  • Contributions are tax deductible up to a certain maximum.
  • Contributions that were not allowed can be carried of to the next tax year.
  • There is no Capital Gains Tax on retirement annuities.
  • The growth of the fund is not taxed.
  • Any benefits paid on death, either as an income or lump sums, are free of estate duty.
  • As a member of a retirement annuity, your benefits are protected against claims from creditors.

With the Optimal Retirement Annuity from Max Investments, there really is no reason why you shouldn't start saving for your retirement today. The sooner you start, the better off you'll be in your golen years.

No matter life's twists and turns, you'll be ready to adapt, stay the distance and realise your ultimate retirement goals in the long run. So why wait? Start saving now. You will never look back.

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