Bank Smarter with a
Money Account
A one-of-a-kind banking & innovative savings solution

Old Mutual Money Account, Smarter Banking Starts Here!

The Old Mutual Money Account is a one-of-a kind bank account that gives you two accounts in one, a SWIPE account and a SAVE account, to help you bank smarter.

When you spend, you save; and when you save - your money earns interest, making it an affordable and innovative way to bank.

PLUS, now you can earn Old Mutual Rewards points as you bank, simply by using your Money Account! Why not up your financial gain and enjoy a range of added benefits, for as little as R4.95 a month?
What's free?
  • Tap and Pay transactions
  • Online payments
  • Quickpay payments to other Money Account-holders
  • Transfers between SWIPE and SAVE accounts

Plus, you can use the app to purchase airtime, data and electricity on the go.

What is free
Spend Smarter
  • Activate and fund your Money Account, in minutes
  • Tap and Pay
  • Shop online
  • Easily transfer money from your SWIPE account to your SAVE account
  • Make instant payments to other Money Account-holders
  • Turn your card “on” and “off” when it’s not on you
SWIPE Account
Get Saving
  • Unit Trust savings: Your SAVE account is a Unit Trust, so you don’t just earn a flat interest rate. You’ll earn a rate that matches the Old Mutual Money Market Fund. This is a unit trust that has never had a negative return, since it started. The likelihood is that you’ll save more, faster.
  • Free and easy transfers: With an Old Mutual Money Account, you’re in control of your finances. So, you can transfer money into your SWIPE account to spend it if you’d like, doubling it up as a “rainy day” fund.
  • Automatic savings: You’re in control of how much you save. You can either set a percentage of what you swipe (to automatically go into your SAVE account) or set a monthly savings amount.
Get Saving
Secure Digital Banking
  • Buy electricity, data and airtime
  • Make payments and manage beneficiaries
  • Quickpay other Money Accounts for free
  • Transfer funds between SWIPE and SAVE accounts
  • Turn your card on & off
Enjoy secure digital banking with the Old Mutual Money Account.
Earn points as you bank

With your Money Account, you’ll earn Old Mutual Rewards points when you spend! You will get pushed up a tier for every month you make five payments (over R100 each) and run a debit order or maintain balance of at least R50,000 throughout the month in your SAVE account . What are you waiting for? Join Old Mutual Rewards and start getting more when you spend.

Old Mutual Rewards
Open a Money AccountYou can open a Money Account in one of two ways:
Learn moreQuick Recap:

    With the Old Mutual Banking App, cellphone banking, and internet banking, you can manage your money from anywhere, anytime.

    • Buy electricity, data and airtime
    • Make payments and manage beneficiaries
    • Quickpay, and pay other Money Account-holders for FREE
    • Transfer funds between SWIPE and SAVE accounts
    • Turn your card on & off when you need to

    There are two easy ways to open a Money Account:


    In a branch

    What you need:

    • Your valid South African ID
    • Your cellphone

    The Old Mutual Money Account is brought to you in association with Bidvest Bank.

    1) Click here to get to the Client Service Area

    2) Fill in your ID number and answer the security question

    3) You'll get a One-time Pin (OTP) sent to the cellphone number you registered with

    4) Fill in and submit the Pin we sent you

    5) Choose 'Money Account Activate Card'

    6) Fill in the last 4 numbers of the card PAN number (the number on the front of your card) and your card pin

    7) Read and accept the Money Account Terms & Conditions

    8) Click 'Next'

    9) And, just like that, your Money Account card has been activated!

    Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

    You can EFT the money using your mobile banking app or internet banking. You’ll need the following details to do it this way:

    • Account number: 10 or 11 digit number showed on your internet banking, cellphone banking and mobile app profiles
    • Account type: Choose ‘Savings’
    • Bank: Choose Bidvest Bank (Old Mutual Money Account is in association with Bidvest Bank)
    • Branch code: Enter 462005
    • Branch name: Enter Bidvest Bank (if required)

    There are two ways to deposit cash into your Money Account:

  • With a WiCode sent to your phone, which you can get at Shoprite, Checkers, and Usave stores.
  • By making a card deposit, which you can do at your nearest Pick n Pay or Boxer Store.
  • 1) Tell the cashier you want to make a mobile deposit

    2) Using Cellphone Banking, dial *120*257# or open your our app and click on 'Cash Deposit'

    3) Give the cashier the 7-digit WiCode sent to your phone

    4) Give the cash to the cashier

    5) Once your deposit has been finished, the cashier will give you a till slip to confirm that the money is going into your account.