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Become a Super Saver, with an Old Mutual Money Account!Our innovative Old Mutual Money Account is a bank account made up of two accounts, a SAVE account and a SWIPE account. Your SAVE account helps you automatically put away your money, from month to month, so that you can enjoy more financial freedom. This Unit Trust account gives you the financial edge by helping you earn interest on every cent you save. So, while you’re using your SWIPE account to transact, your savings account is growing your money in the background. Easy, neh?
GET SAVINGYour SAVE account is an investment account that earns you interest!

Unit Trust savings

It’s also a Unit Trust, so you don’t just earn a flat interest rate, which could mean you’re missing out. You’ll earn a rate that matches the Old Mutual Money Market Fund. This is a Unit Trust that has never had a negative return, which means chances are; you’ll save more, faster.

Free and easy transfers

With an Old Mutual Money Account, you decide how you spend. So, you can transfer money into your SWIPE account to use it if you’d like. This makes it the perfect “rainy day” fund and keeps you in control.

SAVE Account
Swipe & SaveYou decide how much you save, while we make sure you have options. You can either set a percentage of what you spend (to automatically go into your SAVE account) or set a monthly savings amount. Here’s how it works:

What are your saving options?

When Swipe & Save is activated, a set percentage of each payment automatically goes to your SAVE Account when you spend.

So, for example, If you set your Swipe & Save function to 10% and swipe or tap your card for R100, another R10 would be transferred from your SWIPE account into your SAVE account.

If you’re looking for your Swipe & Save settings on the Old Mutual Banking App, you can find them under “SAVE account” in the menu.

Focused Save

With Focused Save, you can choose the amount you’d like to transfer into your SAVE account every month. This set amount can help you reach your saving goals and plan your money moves.

When you pick Focused Save, you choose the date that you want the money to be transferred and that amount goes off every month - just like that. Ready to turn on this feature? Simply go to the SAVE Account section on our app and choose “Focused SAVE Settings” - it’s easy.

Automated Savings
Get Smart with Your SpendingWe’re making it easier to save so that you can put more moolah in your account instead of spending it where you don’t need to.

ATM withdrawals

Sometimes, you have to buy things with cash - but why go to the ATM? It’s much cheaper to withdraw from the till at Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Boxer and Pick n Pay stores, while you do your shopping.

Check your balance, for FREE

Checking your balance at an ATM costs you R5,50 every time. Don’t waste your money. Use internet banking, cellphone banking and our app to do it instead - it’s free.

Opt out of SMS notifications

Whenever you get an SMS about your account, it costs R0,50. If you don't need these, go into your app's settings and turn them off and get in-app and email notifications instead. Both are free. You can also phone our call centre to change your notifications or use internet banking if you need help.

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