Safer debit orders with
DebiCheck is safer and more secure than
conventional debit orders.

What is DebiCheck?

DebiCheck is the name for an industry-wide process to collect customer payments from their bank accounts, in a safer and more secure environment than current debit orders. A DebiCheck mandate must be confirmed electronically at the start of your contract. You can confirm the details of the debit order with your bank before it gets processed to your bank account.
Have more questions about DebiCheck?Here are some answers to those frequently asked questions.

    For DebiCheck debit orders, you will receive a request from your bank to confirm the debit order via your cellphone, your bank's ATM or internet banking, related to the new loan contract you have signed with us. Your bank can then verify your loan information every time before the debit order is processed to your account. If the information is correct, the debit order will be processed. If not, the debit order is rejected.

    You do not need to change or update your existing debit orders. For new DebiCheck debit orders, you will need to check and confirm the new debit order information in the manner requested by your bank. Make sure you recognise and are comfortable with the creditor, the debit order date and the amount to be debited before you accept any mandates. For your protection, we ensure that all new loan debit order mandates are approved by you before a loan is paid into your account.

    In an Old Mutual branch with your bank card

    Your bank's mobile app

    Cellphone banking

    Internet banking

    Phoning your bank's call centre

    Your bank's ATM

    Visiting your bank's branch

    No, your bank will never send you a link or ask that you provide your card PIN, password or personal details. You must always keep these safe. A request like this may be a form of phishing. If you are not sure, please check with your bank.

    One of the primary means of contacting you to perform a DebiCheck confirmation is via your cellphone. Remember, DebiCheck puts you in control and allows you to confirm your DebiCheck debit orders for new loans, directly with your bank. For this to happen, your bank has to know which number to contact you on. Please make sure your bank has your correct cell phone number.

    Yes. As an Old Mutual Money Account customer, you will be able to approve DebiCheck debit orders for products or services from another bank or credit provider who uses DebiCheck.

    You can approve or reject DebiCheck debit orders using Internet banking or Cellphone banking - dialling *120*257#. If you need help with using these options, call us on 0860 445 445.

    You can contact your bank, dial OMF's customer service centre at 0860 445 445 or visit